The powerful tag of \blur

Since the newest version of VSfilter 2.9c which include some of the latest features and bug fixing. From all of the latest features there’s only 3 tagsĀ  that intrigue me and making me still holds a special trust in aegis (not AE =P). The tags are :

  • \blur — This my favourite tag and I should say the most powerful tag in aegis today. It make the real gaussian blur not the fake blur that \be makes. The blur starts from the middle of the character and circling outward. The blur main target is the primary color and akso the border and shadows. And the best thing is it could be animated with \t and has a practically unlimited numeric range. Yes you could put something like this \t(\blur 90)
  • \fax and \fay. This is the second tag I like. To put it simply it has ability to bends and stretch the character in horizontal and vertical, x and y respectively. This tag also capable of 0.something numeric range.
  • \xbord and \ybord, last but not least, this tags provide the ability to stretch the border in horizontal and vertical, x and y respectively yet separately

Aside from these 3 tags above. There’s actually another tag that I haven’t pull out the max use of it, that is the \iclip tags which the inverion of the \clip tags. Will report back when I have.