Been a while..

Dear readers, it’s been a while since i post something up, well RL matters and Fansub matter really caught me on, well I think I’m beginning to get my pace again so I’ll start regulary to post again.

Next up is the long awaited my top ten kara for last season anime. (probably in another 2-3 days)


My youtube

Well it been ages since i last uploaded file to youtube, but I’m now preparing something to be uploaded, hopefully it will be done in this month or so.

Here’s me playing Morning Musume – Mikan, I arranged it for 2 guitars

And here’s me playing BerryZ Koubou 21 ji made no cinderella

MU links fixed~

As the tittle suggested, MU links is fixed now~

Temporary Broken MU Links

Sorry to inform you but it seems my MegaUpload links are deleted by accident by my friend. But don’t worry, right now I’m making a different account just for my blog, and re-upload all of the files. Files will be ready in 1-2 days.

Really sorry for the incovinience.

One of my best, Matsuura Aya – Egao


Released : January 2, 2008 – 3:36:38
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As the title of this entry suggest, this  is one of my best karaoke I’ve ever made. By saying best meaning there are some elements that are hard to make or something really new in concept. Hopefully looking at my works gallery, I’m gonna pick up some of my favorite and my best work to display it to you.

First up is  Matsuura Aya –  Egao that I made for MMIF. It’s a J-POP song. Matsuura Aya is a singer which under an agency named Hello!Project in Japan. She has a beautiful voice and face. Just plain gorgeous. I made this about a year ago, it’s old but still amazes many people when seeing it.

What’s so special you ask? It’s a Subtitled karaoke Music Video with a guitar chord. Yes. Guitar chord (also timed to the song) so you can play guitar along while singing it. Not only that, I aslo added a guitar chord diagram, yes it’s a chord diagram that changes correspodently to the following chord. Well it took me about 18 work day to figure out and finish this particular project but I really-really satisfied with the results. And I believe this is something (maybe) ever attempted, and I’m the one who did it ^_^

Since maybe the tracker at H!O has no seeder I’ve decided to put it up on the new tracker.

Links :

Comments please~

p.s. if you have seen some thing like this before, please let me know because I really want to add it as my collections

So little time so much kara to do

Well, there are some news regarding the blog, now i’m gonna write mostly in english and only in my mother language when i write tutorials aboutt aegis.

Recently, i felt kinda super hectic with my rf matters especially now i’m at the end of my first year of internship. things getting harder and time is getting thinner. But, i’m still have to balance that with fub meaning fansubbing.

Now suppose to do some edit for a kara but i have to get some sleep first..

Lending a hand

Jika kalian berminat meminta bantuan saya untuk mngerjakan suatu karaoke untuk anime/video klip/drama dan lainnya. Jangan sungkan untuk meminta dengan mengkontak saya di Jika saya tertarik dan punya waktu maka saya akan menbergjakannya dengan senang hati.

If any of you readers would like me to do some karaoke effects for you fansubs about anime/music video/drama or something else if i got the time and the interest of it I might help you ^_^ . Please do contact me via email to

p.s. if you want to see what my works looks ike or thingking is this guy competent enough, feel free to ask me too, I’ll provide you with links of my work