[Nekomimi] Shangri-La ep 3


Yeah, episode 3 is out guys. Let’s cheer to our boomerang girl, well that’s what I’ve been calling her.  Why? let’s just think through it, a girl happy to take on an armed tank armed with only a boomerang? That’s just insane right? Haha. No, I’m not used to give spoiler, well maybe a teaser but no spoiler. I won’t hold you further a due. Go grab it

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Temporary Broken MU Links

Sorry to inform you but it seems my MegaUpload links are deleted by accident by my friend. But don’t worry, right now I’m making a different account just for my blog, and re-upload all of the files. Files will be ready in 1-2 days.

Really sorry for the incovinience.

One of my best, Matsuura Aya – Egao


Released : January 2, 2008 – 3:36:38
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As the title of this entry suggest, this  is one of my best karaoke I’ve ever made. By saying best meaning there are some elements that are hard to make or something really new in concept. Hopefully looking at my works gallery, I’m gonna pick up some of my favorite and my best work to display it to you.

First up is  Matsuura Aya –  Egao that I made for MMIF. It’s a J-POP song. Matsuura Aya is a singer which under an agency named Hello!Project in Japan. She has a beautiful voice and face. Just plain gorgeous. I made this about a year ago, it’s old but still amazes many people when seeing it.

What’s so special you ask? It’s a Subtitled karaoke Music Video with a guitar chord. Yes. Guitar chord (also timed to the song) so you can play guitar along while singing it. Not only that, I aslo added a guitar chord diagram, yes it’s a chord diagram that changes correspodently to the following chord. Well it took me about 18 work day to figure out and finish this particular project but I really-really satisfied with the results. And I believe this is something (maybe) ever attempted, and I’m the one who did it ^_^

Since maybe the tracker at H!O has no seeder I’ve decided to put it up on the new tracker.

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p.s. if you have seen some thing like this before, please let me know because I really want to add it as my collections

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S


Fireboy88 from imuR88 ask me to do some karaoke effects for him for the projects that he worked which is Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S. I haven’t seen the first installment of this anime yet watching the second is real fun. Maybe gonna take the first series as well xD

I did the opening and the endong one this oneSadly for some reason fireboy88 dropped this projects. But sadly for some real life matter reasons fireboy88 had to drop this projects (see his blogs here for details . Hopefully it’ll be pick up by another group and I have a feeling it will.

Links — See imuR88 blogs for the torrent files here

Nevertheless for the opening I tried something simple. Especially because the song is rather slow and soothing one. I just used simple k-filler from left to rigt and some border manipulations to make it more noticeable. For the chorus part I used a particles burst effects. My favourite part is the chorus when I used the feathers appears randomly enshrouding the letters.

Files regarding karaoke cuts will be uploaded soon.

Phantom of the opera? Nope, It’s Phantom ~Raquiem for the Phantom~


It’s a new series that Nekomimi subs. My first impression on this series is it’s kinda heavy and has a  deep  story and there are some gun actions too. But not black lagoon thing. See for yourself and tell me what you think.

” A spate of mafia assasinations occurs in America, the work of the mysterious organization named Inferno. “Phantom” is their most strongest and capable assassin, however a lone tourist witnesses Phantom’s latest act of murder. He unwittingly exposes the top assassin’s true identity, a young girl named Ein. Witnesses are usually killed, but the man is captured and taken to be brainwashed into “Zwei”, Inferno’s newest assassin, with no memory of who he is. From this point on, Zwei is drawn into a world of conspiracy, deceit and violence. ” (from ANN)

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There’s opening and ending karaoke for the first ep, so I’ll upload them later on.

About the ending kara, for the effects since it’s an ali project song so it’s kinda fast and the background seems rather abstract. So Is used some color play-scheme effects. I use 4 different colors that majorly showed in the background and I used some paint splaters effects with some nice tricks using assdraws and some decent fonts.

And about the opening kara that loliki did. It looks amazing, it gives a mysterious yet enchanting effects with some paint splats and blur+shadow. It looks good and fits right on to the songs. THe song itself kinda mysterious to me. So go grab em and tell me what you think of both of em.

Karaoke Files —

p.s. there’s also a ep2 v2 for shangri-la go here

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[Nekomimi] Shangri-La Opening and Ending Kara

Yes, As I said before I will post some karaoke cuts from animes especially the one I do and my groups do or simply I just adore the effects.

First is the opening theme for Shangri-la that I did for Nekomimi, basically it’s a moving blur effects with some thunder flashes around it. It comes out pretty simple but neat and I love it. I used some pixelated-like font that i found by mistake on my font list, and it fits perfectly.


Credits goes to :

  • Karaoke Timer : loliki
  • Karaoke Artist : TheProteosAgna
  • Lyrics and translation : Unofficial
  • Encoder : FlameAttack

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And next is the ending theme, the effects are simply soothing and it fits the song perfectly, it’s a enhancing light with a mirror effects that reflects the word below it. Take a good look on the color changing scheme that matches the background. Bravo.


Credits goes to :

  • Karaoke Timer : loliki
  • Karaoke Artist : loliki
  • Lyrics and translation : Unofficial
  • Encoder : FlameAttack

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Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood, Watch it or Leave it?


Well, this is not a full review but more like my perspective of the new series of FMA which started about couples week ago. One of my friend, who enjoys FMA as much as me, wonders if this new series a remake? Then comes the next question is it worth watching or not?  Well as for anime-lover like me, I unwaveringly said, yes it will be worth watching. But again, I tried to give fair objective review to this new series, be aware this is based only of 3 episodes I have watched so far. As for the remake or as far as I know it is a remake of its previous seasons.

Let’s start.

From the animation-wise. Technically there are some changes and improvement but not much,  it was done by the same production house BONES  (the first seasons aired at 2003  and the next season start airing at 2009). Well  it does looks better since much of the animes now are broadcasted on HD while back then from the first season, maybe some of us(including me) watch the SD version of it. Also now has the squareenix as its sponsor though i don’t really know whether squareenix is involved in the productions. Nevertheless, seeing Ed doing transmutation still as enjoyable as it was.

Character voice/Seiyuu. Well, I love Rie so as long as Rie doesn’t get changed I’ll still give good scoring. Thank god, yes, the character voive doesn’t get changed. But sometimes like this comes without saying right? One shouldn’t change the original character voice to the same remake-like series.

Opening and ending theme. Even though not many people consider this as reason for watching anime but I do. Well, I have done many J-Pop karaoke PV for my J-POP based fansub groups so I kinda now J-Pop. Hmm, I kinda disagree with putting YUI as the opening theme, it’s a good song but somehow it just doesn’t fit. A nice rockin’ or upbeat song should do the trick. As for the ending theme, for me is not bad nor good.

Let’s come to the main issues. Storyline. Well again this is just my oppinion and it based on 3 episodes only. I read the manga and I watched the first season. So when I heard the news about FMA : Brotherhood, I was really excited and kinda wondered, is it gonna be a remake or it’ll continue.  Now we know it’s a remake but not  a complete remake with the same scene, but yes the story board are the same. This series clearly want to give some background story, stressing at the main story background such as Ed & Al commited the taboo, ed losed his leg and arms, al got his soul fixed at some empty armor, then ed becomes the state alchemist in order to get access to be able to find the philosopher’s stone in order to bring back Al’s body and Ed’s losed limbs. Only in three episode you’ll be able to see lust magic sharp knife finger again. I haven’t checked but I’m sure in the first season you won’t see the homonculus in the first 10-ish episodes. Are there will be a new story or a side story that’s it’ gonna be added. Given there are gonna be 13 episode of FMA : Brotherhood an there were 51 episode of the first season, I kinda skeptic there will be a new story. My guess is, this series will be a some summary of the previous seasons with some new retouch scenes but the same enemy. Hopefully I’m wrong beacuse at least I want to see some new enemies and actions (who wouldn’t right?). Why brotherhood? Simple, they want to enhance the brotherhoodness on this story.

So to sum up.  It’ll be still worth watching. And the fun still there. Don’t worry whether you haven’t watched the previous series or read the manga, you’ll still get the whole story down. At least I know that I’m gonna have some fun watching it

Please do correct me if there’s some error. My reference only anidb, ANN and some random fansite.