One of my best, Matsuura Aya – Egao


Released : January 2, 2008 – 3:36:38
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As the title of this entry suggest, this  is one of my best karaoke I’ve ever made. By saying best meaning there are some elements that are hard to make or something really new in concept. Hopefully looking at my works gallery, I’m gonna pick up some of my favorite and my best work to display it to you.

First up is  Matsuura Aya –  Egao that I made for MMIF. It’s a J-POP song. Matsuura Aya is a singer which under an agency named Hello!Project in Japan. She has a beautiful voice and face. Just plain gorgeous. I made this about a year ago, it’s old but still amazes many people when seeing it.

What’s so special you ask? It’s a Subtitled karaoke Music Video with a guitar chord. Yes. Guitar chord (also timed to the song) so you can play guitar along while singing it. Not only that, I aslo added a guitar chord diagram, yes it’s a chord diagram that changes correspodently to the following chord. Well it took me about 18 work day to figure out and finish this particular project but I really-really satisfied with the results. And I believe this is something (maybe) ever attempted, and I’m the one who did it ^_^

Since maybe the tracker at H!O has no seeder I’ve decided to put it up on the new tracker.

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p.s. if you have seen some thing like this before, please let me know because I really want to add it as my collections