[ImuR88-Nekomimi] Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S episode 2


Yes, it’s Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S episode 2, well it’s a long title to be written xD. So I decided to shorten it into SSPCS, ImuR88 is now hand-in-hand together with Nekomimi to pull this series off to the end.

The real series now has already reach 5 or 6 (i kinda forgot), i don’t really know if we gonna catch up with it but at least we are doing it till the end.

So what are you waiting for go grab it.

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p.s. here the status of ep 3 here


Phantom 04


Well, guys episode four is out, titled the assasination. Somebody is gonna die? well watch it to find out. Well the story keeps getting interesting I suppose, so don’t you dare miss it.

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[ImuR88-Nekomimi] Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S Kara

As I promised a few days before, Here’s the karaoke cuts of this series.

Both opening and ending are done by me. As for opening I used 3 kind of effects, the chorus gets a particle burst effects with simple bord enlargmement, the brigde use the back ground thing as its effetc which is the flying feathers, and the rest of it gets a simple color filling effect from left to right. I really love the brigde part it looks good but not as hard as you imagine.


Links :

As for the ending I use some like 3-D environment effects. Just a simple push to the back, with some enhanced tickery to make it really being pushed to the back. For the chorus I make some butterflies appears and flies away from the letter. One that make this kara bit different is the translation effects, oay really attention and you’ll see that I put some grass surrounding the letters but with ordered tranperacny so it wont’ disrupt your reading.


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p.s. gonna convert the SS links to MU soon

p.p.s sorry for the caps, bit in a hurry, and there’s some connection problem

p.p.p.s Episode 2 of this sereis are out bytheway, see imuR88 page fo torrent files (here)

Phantom 03


Ein Zwei Drei.. Yap that’s where we are now episode 3 of Phantom. Well seems that so many poeple are grateful that us still subbing it beaause of the funimation related problems xD. Well I an assure you we are gonna be subbing this until loliki (our lead) say otherwise

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MU links fixed~

As the tittle suggested, MU links is fixed now~

[Nekomimi] Shangri-La ep 3


Yeah, episode 3 is out guys. Let’s cheer to our boomerang girl, well that’s what I’ve been calling her.  Why? let’s just think through it, a girl happy to take on an armed tank armed with only a boomerang? That’s just insane right? Haha. No, I’m not used to give spoiler, well maybe a teaser but no spoiler. I won’t hold you further a due. Go grab it

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Temporary Broken MU Links

Sorry to inform you but it seems my MegaUpload links are deleted by accident by my friend. But don’t worry, right now I’m making a different account just for my blog, and re-upload all of the files. Files will be ready in 1-2 days.

Really sorry for the incovinience.